We asked several religious leaders about the Mandatory Reservation System at Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple

Our Question : 

Do you know of any churches that require advance reservations to attend services?

Replies we got :

"   No.  In a world religion sense, hospitality and welcoming the stranger are norms."

Sharon Kugler, University Chaplain, Yale University

"   This is not done other than Jewish synagogues on high holy days... [for constraints like Passover Seder dinner seats]. No church would ever do it."

James Tabor, Professor of Religious Studies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

"   I can honestly say that I know of NO CHURCHES who demand of their attendees advanced reservations/tickets for worship. "

Charles White, Director of the Mission Church, Santa Clara University

"   I don't know of any churches that would do that on a regular basis. There might be rare occasions like a Mass where a Bishop is ordained or something like that where they restrict attendance, or where the Pope is celebrating Mass in a venue with limited space (i.e. not on a beach or in a field like at World Youth Day). But these things are pretty rare. 

   Fundamentally, the Mass is open to everyone and cannot be restricted. The only thing about the Mass that is ever restricted is the reception of Holy Communion only for Catholics in good standing with the Church and who are not conscious of some grave sin, but the basic premise is that anyone should be able to attend any Mass at any time."

 Bert Drummond,  Associate director for the Catholic diocese of Richmond, VA.

Sankat Mochan Hanuman Sangha